Red Bird
"Birds rule. Except blue ones, black ones, gray, orange, purple, yellow, and any color except for Red"- Austin
Adoptive son of Lucas Wayne.
Protector of Gotham
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Has access to all Batman Inc. Weapons
Status Alive, 16
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Group Batman Inc.
Missions Many


Austin was born in a relativly good home. He had a nice dad but his mother was abusive. His dad tried to stop it but he couldn't always be there. His dad loved his mother but it went to far when he had to miss school because of a bruise. He tried to get divorced and get coustity of Austin but instead his mother stabbed him. He ran and ran and ran. He was found by Lucas and was adopted. He was trained by Lucas into a weapon but he still had emotions. He knew what is right and what is wrong. He became the Red Bird.


He is amlost always kind and has a smile on his face. Even when fighting a villian he will smile. But if he is mad he has some incredible strangth. Once he puched Superman and he was knocked back. He likes to tell jokes and play with villians before he beats them like hiding in the shadows and planting voice records of himself.


He has black hair and brown eyes. He is tall, well built, and hansome. When not in "uniform" he wears jeans and t-shirts.

Off-duty. Ha duty.


  • Explosives
  • Voice recording
  • Birdarangs
  • Wings
  • Bo Staff
  • Austin's Hangout


Lucas Wayne Adoptive father Close.
Caleb Vinem Friend Seems cool.
Lucy Cloudwind Crush Its comlicated.
Roxy "Foxy" Carter Crush He has a not so small crush on her.
Baddies Badd EVIL!!! They saw me with only boxers on.