Captain Leonardo
The emotionless soldier
The Perfect Soldier
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Everything
Status Alive, 25
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Group Batman Inc.
Missions Many


He was born in Manhattan to Rapheal Panther and Kilia Panther. He grew up trying to stop fights no matter how serous. He worked in the shadows and did his best to stop crime. He stopped many assaults and atempted stuff. When he was 16 one of hia friends that was a girl tried to sleep with him. He stopped her with logic but it did not end well. Her uncle, also her gaurdian, walked in and basicly tried to strangle him. He jumped out of the window and almost broke his leg. When he was 18 a shootout happened at his school killing his best friend. He hunted down the killer and beat him. He would have beat him to death had the Black Bat not been there. He then tried to control his emotions. He joined the army and was called "The perfect soldier; guts, accurecy, strength, and no emotions." He then was recruted to Batman Inc.


He buries his emotions deep. He has a never changing voice that is almost monitone. But with his friends Caleb, Clay, and Drake he shows some emotions. Just enough to show if he is happy or sad. He was also great friends with Omy.


He has white hair, blue eyes, and a tough body. He has a lean build but he still has a great amout of strength. His face never changes from being blank.


He has super sight and hearing. Minor super strength.

  • His tatoo
  • Him when he was 18 before the shooting
  • Him after the shooting.