Clay Aita
Leader of Lightseid sector 20
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Powers
Status Alive, 25
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 6 feet 9 inches
Group Lightseid
Missions Many


He was born in New Gotham but he had to move because his dad was a spy. They moved when he was 15. He worked for Lightseid and they were Spice's "Most loyal and humble servents". In two years they were caught. His father exicuted, His mother killed, and he was sent to prison. He was branded like a pig for slaughter. He was burned, stabbed, and cut for infomation. He didn't give any and Lightseid knew that he would make a good soldier. They broke him out and then trained him. They needed a new base for their old one was bombed. He searched the world and found the perfect place. The North Pole. He made a artifical Ice Burg and made the base on the inside of it.


He is trusting, caring, pasionate, and loving. He loves all of his soldiers like brothers and sisters. He loves to laugh and talk and joke around. He knows what could happen to the world and he wont let that happen. He will fight ot his last breath and then find a way to help from beyond the grave.


He has a the numbers: 69864 burned into the skin on his left cheek. He is muscular but still slim. He has many scars across his body and burns everywhere.


He uses a sword that is made from the strongest metal ever.


He can control metal and has enhanced fighting skills.


Him in prison.


Him messing with chains.