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Emma -member of Batman Inc.
-Secretary to Lucas Wayne

 – February 6, 2012

Hello! How can I help you?
Emma Queen
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Secretary to Lucas Wayne
Grand-daughter of Green Arrow
Human Cyborg
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Her robotic arm
Status Alive; 23
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'9
Group Batman Inc.
Missions -


Molly Worthington-Queen (mother; deceased) Richard Queen (father; deceased) Oliver Queen (grand father; deceased) Chloe Queen (grand mother; deceased)


As her normal self: Emma is short for her age, being only about 5'9. She has dark red hair, fierce green eyes, and fair tanned skin. She usually wears professional outfits and green shirts casually to match her eyes. Emma prefers wearing her hair down, rarely it being a pony tail, and likes to wear jackets and dresses while in formal attire.


Robotic arm: Since Emma was permanently burned on her arm, Lucas Wayne fixed her and added a robotic arm to look exactly like her normal arm except when being attacked. She can change it as a machine gun, missile, various knives, and long shot pistol.


Emma is a hard working secretary and takes her job very seriously. She is very dedicated to whatever Lucas Wayne has in store, and never doubts his methods. Since Lucas saved her life and repaired her arm is he acts like a mentor towards him and she very much cares for him. Emma is very sweet and kind towards everyone she meets. To bad guys she is strong and fights with her robotic arm (see abilities for details). Overall Emma has a nice, bubbly personality filled with humility and friendliness.


Born on April 29, 2067, Emma Queen lived her entire childhood in the new rebuilt Gotham City. Shortly after her parents died in a fire when she was only 6, Emma's grandparents took care of her like their own. Since her grandfather was Green Arrow, the villains he put in jail found his true identity and killed his wife, Chloe Queen. Emma was instantly discovered as well and became a prime target for their revenge. Merely 9 years old, her and her grandfather escaped to a secret hideout underground. There, Emma's grandfather would tell her stories of his adventures and they would live a secret life. Years later, her grandfather died from old age peacefully in his sleep. Emma returned to the surface world after along time and found Gotham City to be more pleasant for some reason. She went to college and graduated with a bachelor's degree. Little did she know one day, while sleeping soundly, the villains had escaped from prison and they set her apartment on fire. A mysterious hero named Black Bat came and put out the fire. But Emma was already passed out, loosing air, and her right arm was permanently burned. He took her back to his cave, nursed her to health, and made her arm a super weapon that looks like a regular arm but turns into various weapons. She thanked him and became his secretary, helping him with assistance in Batman Inc.