Forrest Greene
I am Galiax Green Lantern -Forrest
Galiax Green Lantern
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Power Ring
Status Alive,18
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'1"
Group Green Lantern

Lightseid Alliance

Missions A few

Forrest [[|-member of Green Lantern]]
-Galiax Green Lantern

 – 02:50, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

Need any help?


He was Born on Galiax.If you noticed he doesnt have a Mouth.That's because everyone on his planet are Telepaths.Although they do have ears so speaking to him isnt an issue.He was born to a Royal Bloodline on Galiax.He was highlly respected and very strong.Eventually he was chosen for the Galiax Green Lantern.It is unknown why he was chosen because there are at least 10 other bloodlines and 2 of them are more powerful than him.Although he has been a good member and once in awhile helps in the war.He is friends with most Commanders of the Lightseid Alliance and a few members of the Green Lantern.


Telepathy(Technacally)- He can read others minds and speak through them.

Power Ring- He can do allot with his ring but his main weapon is a Sword