Herve Swartz
Need help in a fight or test?Just ask -Herve
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Plasma Sword
Status Alive,18
Eye Color Copper
Hair Color Brown
Height 6'9
Group Batman Inc. HQ
Missions A few

Herve -member of Batman Inc.

 – 21:59, February 11, 2012 (UTC)

I am the head of the Awesome Incorporation want to join?

Herve a.k.a Psyknight is a member of Batman Inc. he is the twin brother of Alastair Swartz.


He was born in New Atlantis with his brother Alastair. He spent his life studying and swimming. He learned to pilot a sub at 14 years of age. He then took sword fighting classes and learned he was really good. He got himself to the top very easilly. When he turned 16 him and Alastair went out to explore the world. They learned about the war and then were attacked by Darkseid soldiers. Herve and Alastair activated there powers for the first time and killed the unit. Then they leanred about Batman Inc. and snuck onto a MAF supply ship to join. Austin found them and they kicked his butt. After meeting Black Bat they joined and trained for awhile.Herve took up the name Psyknight.


He has enhanced fighting skills and telekenisis.