This Character is a member of JWWI


It works for Joker World Wide Incorporated. Arch Nemesis: Austin Swenson

I had a name, once, but he died. - Jester
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Everything
Status Alive, 15
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Group JWWI
Missions Many


He was born into the Joker World Wide Industries. His mother was a high ranking person and his father was a pyrotechnic genius. He was trained to be the best of the best. He grew up in violence, greed, laughter, and explosives. He almost died because of Joker Gas. He lived somehow but was never the same. He turned into a psychotic killer that always laughed. He even killed his parents for attention of the JWWI.


He is often though of as crazy due to his killing nature. He likes to laugh at anything. He always smiles and has explosives.


He has a dragon tattoo on his chest. He also has white hair and black eyes. He doesn't wear makeup but he still wears a Jester costume.


Anything and everything. Most famously explosives. He has been known to walk around with explosives on his chest.


Jester in suit but he doesn't wear makeup.

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