Joe Quinn
Knock Knock
The Prankster
Son of Joker and Harley Quinn
Brother of Richard and Candy Knapier
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Baseball Bat


Status Unknown
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5' 10
Group Suicide Squad

Joker World-Wide Industries

Missions -

This Character is a member of JWWI


It works for Joker World Wide Incorporated. Arch Nemesis: Batman Inc.

History Edit

Joe Quinn was born to Harley Quinn and Joker January 12th 1999. When Joe was born in the medical centre in Arkham Asylum, he was taken away by the Warden and put into an orphanage so that he wouldn't end up like his parents or his siblings; Richard and Candy Knapier.

During his time in the orphanage Joe grew up under the name John Doe and became mentally unstable and troublesome, causing him to gain a split personality. When he was 13, Joe ran away and hid out in an abandoned library in Gotham. this is where he came across an old newspaper article about a riot started by Harley Quinn and joker in search of their missing son. This is when Joe discovered who he really was and named himself Joe Quinn and came up with the alias 'The Prankster'.

Joe went on a killing spree around Gotham and caught the attention of Amanda Waller who recruited him into her newly revamped Suicide Squad. During hsi first few days in the Squad, Joe broke into the the villain weaponry holding area in Arkham and stole his mother's baseball bat and mallet. during his break-in at Arkham, Joe searched for his parents not knowing that Joker was dead and his mother was in search for him in Gotham.

Joe spent years with the Suicide Squad and after finding out he had siblings out there in the world, Joe faked his own death and went in search for his brother and sister in many Joker World-Wide industries centres.

It is unknown if Joe was successful in his search for his siblings as noone has seen him since his "death" during a suicide mission.

Appearance Edit

Joe took his look more closely to Harley Quinn with the red and black outfits and his hair the bleach blonde colour and white face paint. The only resemblence to his father is his acid green eyes. While with the Suicide Squad, Joe changed his look and wore black boots, red and black jeans, an Arkham Asylum white t-shirt and a red and black custom made college varsity jacket. Which read Quinn in white writing on the back and i heart jokes scratched into the back bottom of the jacket,

Personality Edit

Joe resembles alot of his mother but his dark intentions resembled that of his father. He his very flexible and is able to mostly go unnoticed in situations due to his high skills in acrobatics.

Relationships Edit

Joker - Father

Harley Quinn - Mother

Richard Knapier - Older Brother

Candy Bubbles Knapier - Older Sister