Juliet Cordelia
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Granddaughter of Zatanna
A.K.A Sorceress
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Magic
Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Red
Height 5"6 1/2
Group Batman Inc. HQ
Missions none yet


Juliet was born January 14,2072. Juliet grew up in New Gotham City. She lived happily with her parents. But when she turned seven years old her parents decided it would be best for her to go live with her Grandmother Zantanna to master her powers. Her powers started to emerge when she was around the age of five, her parents were putting off her going to live and train with Zantanna. While with Zantanna, Juliet began to learn and become a very powerful magician, she adored to here the stories Zantanna told of when she was a vigilante. Juliet longed for the day she could go and fight. One day while Juliet was in town getting groceries when she saw someone getting robbed, she decided to help. She used her magic to levitate the robber who robbed the bystander. She got the belongings that he stole and gave them back to the bystander, apparently Rose Kyle was passing by and saw Juliet. Rose came up to her, and told her that she was a good fighter, and took her to go train at Batman Inc. HQ.


  • She is very mysterious
  • She see's reality different from others
  • She is very into spiritual stuff
  • She loves to laugh, and always loves to here a good joke
  • She can't stand to sit by and watch others get hurt.


  • Magic
    • Zantanna, Juliet's grandmother
    • Juliet's spell book, that was passed down form Zantanna to her.
    • An orb she creates that encases the four elements spell.


Juliet has very choppy short dark red hair. Her skin is very pale. She has purle eyes. She likes to wear dark makeup.