Her BedroomEdit

This is the lavish bedroom of Lady Desiree. No one is allowed inside unless Lady Desiree says so. There is a large pink bed in the middle, canopy style. On the back is the original england coat of arms bought from the muesum for a ridiculously large price. To the right is a full copper piano and picture of her mother, a model, posing like an old time queen. To the left is an elegent fireplate with detailed wooden frame and beautiful painting above it. The walls and parlor chairs are pink to match.

Her bathroomEdit

Lady Desiree's bathroom was designed by her and built by her private builders. It has a large mirror, with a 12 carot gold frame that is polished everyday by her maids. Her sinks and side table are pure silver with golden knobs. She has a white claw foot tub with gold buttons and solid gold handles. She has the most expensive shampoo, comditioner, and body wash in the world. The walls are pure marble, with golden lamps and a golden chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The floor is marble as well and it has a new fur rug every three days. Her towels are all stitched by hand and have her initals incraved on them. The bathroom has a separate room for her makeup, her perfume, and another for her hair supplies.

Her closetEdit

Her walk in closet is larger than two huge guestrooms combined. It changes about every week, new outfits coming in and old ones leaving after only one use. The walls change colors constantly and it's hard for her to decide on one main theme. It is often rainbow colors and beautiful sketches of clothing on the walls. She has golden couches some days and designer coffee tables other days. The only piece of furniture she has kept for years is her life size high heel chair specifically designed for her. She has pink fur carpet mostly, but changes it very often.

Her closet sections: Dresses, Pants, Skirts, Tops, Blouses, Jackets, Coats, Blazers, Short sleeve shirts, Long sleeve shirts, Neon jeans, Designer sandles, High heels, Neon high heels, mary jane shoes, sparkly shoes, short boots, tall boots, red boots.

Her accessories sections: Diamond necklaces, gold necklaces, neon necklaces, long necklaces, short necklaces, casual necklaces, feather necklaces, antique necklaces, bracklets, diamond bracklets, casual bracklets, head bands, golden hair clips, silver hair clips, diamond earings, long earings, hoop earings, short earings, gold earrings, neon earrings, feather earrings, silver bead earrings, stud earrings, fedora hats, fancy hats, feather hats, neon hats, wild hats, anklets, diamond anklets, diamond rings, golden rings, fancy rings, casual rings, gem rings, and neon rings.
  • Her green necklace
  • Her casual diamond head band
  • Her diamond hoop earrings
  • Her favorite red necklace, a gift from her mother
  • Her purple necklace