Leroy Mason
"It's your choice, die, or tell us the truth"- Leroy
Reaper of Destruction
Secpnd in Command of Covenant of Evil
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons himself
Status Neither Dead nor Aliver
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 7'
Group Covenant of Evil
Missions Many if Assasinations Count


Leroy has lived many lives, once even living the life of the infamous Vlad the Impaler. Death is where Leroy gets his power from. You see, when Leroy died the first time, as a young Egyptian boy named Kasu Katekk, he made adeal with the spirit of death. He could escape, and live many lives, if he rid the spirit of his curse and became death. He accepted.

Hundreds of thousands of years later on Ceres, a boy, Leroy Mason was born in the year 2078. Leroy was born to Ulyssa and Hearth Mason, two worthless Shnork Farmers from Mars. He quickly disposed of them with his powers. After that he became a suitable form for this life, an eighteen year old boy wearing a black suit. He would stay this way til his next life. He quickly went to Jupiter, where he murdered an arms dealer, and stole his weapons and hid them all over his suit. Life was glamorous for Leroy, as he had killed head of the Jupinease Mafia and taken his money. Of course, Leroy would always go around, changing forms and causing death and mischeif. This caught the attention of Darkseid, one of the overlords of Earth, who sent him to a person named Lady Desiree, who would help him cause even more damage. He soon learned of a group called the Lightsied Alliance that was trying to undue the damage he had done. He decided to join Lady Desiree as econd in comand of the Covenant of Evil, and finally destroy those worthless maggots at the Lightseid Alliance.


  • Leroy can kill someone by touching them, or looking directly into their eyes
  • Leroy can change shapes, a common shape he takes being a black cat, symbol of bad luck
  • Leroy has a plasma scythe, the only one of its kind, which he can summon by will