"Fortis in bello videmus lumen videmus bello pax. Sic universi."

"In light we find strength in strength we find war in war we find peace. That is the way of the universe."

Note from LeaderEdit

Welcome to the lightseid alliance. Fortis in bello videmus lumen videmus bello pax. Sic universi. May this saying come true, and may our war soon turn to peace. -Drake Lux-Magister


Lightseid is divided into twenty branches called sectors:

Sector 1- Rex Numa Alpha is the head sector of Lightseid. They are led by Drake Lux-Magister

Sector 2-

Sector 3-

Sector 4- Mercury Sector.There main goal is unknown as of the moment. Leader Unknown

Sector 5-


Sector 7-

Sector 8- Venus Sector.They provide help to the current Jupiter War. Leader Unknown

Sector 9-

Sector 10-

Sector 11-

Sector 12- They are the Martian Sector and focus on providing Solar Help and protect Batman Inc..Lead by General Caleb Vinem

Sector 13-

sector 14- Former sector of The Wolf Pack, now The New Wolf Pack, they focus on helping Sector One. They help lead Lightseid. They are lead by The New Wolf Pack.

Sector 15-

Sector 16- Former Andromeda sector.Currently deceased

Sector 17-

Sector 18-

Sector 19-

Sector 20- Sector twenty is the main sector for taking down Spice McDonald. They are led by Clay Aita.