Lucy Cloudwind
Let lose and ride the wind
Batman Inc. member
Important Information
Gender Femal
Weapons Plasma Blade

R982 Pistol C432 Pistol

Status Alive,15
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Silver
Height 5'11"
Group Batman Inc. HQ
Missions A few

Lucy -member of Batman Inc.

 – 00:01, February 1, 2012 (UTC)

Hi..I just got here

Lucy is a 15 year old girl who just got into Batman Inc.


Was born on Aphrodite City,Venus to two unloving parents.She was abused and blamed for the fighting they had.At 10 she couldnt take it anymore and snuck on to a military supply ship.She was then put on New Atlantis,Earth.She changed her name to something that sounded more fitting to her,Cloudwind.Later at 13 she discovered her powers and tried to fiind a way to get to Batman Inc. Mars.When she turned 15 General Caleb Vinem found her when visiting New Atlantis,As that's where he was born.He brought her to Batman Inc. and she is now there training.She heard about all the story's about the Battle for Jupiter.She now resides in a small Guest Room until she can build her own room.


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