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Rose kyle

Rose -member of Batman Inc. HQ
-CatGirl/ Witty Grand Daughter of Cat Woman

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Hey come talk, I don't care.
Rose Kyle
Rose kyle
I may be a good guy, but that doesn't mean I don't have claws
Granddaughter of Selina Kyle, A.K.A Cat Woman
A.K.A Cat Girl
Important Information
Gender Female
Weapons Plasma Whip
Status Alive
Eye Color whitish blue
Hair Color Light blonde
Height 5"9
Group Batman Inc. HQ
Missions none yet


Rose grew up in Aphrodite City, Venus, with her mother Alexzandria Kyle, and her father Zachary Kyle(miller). Her fathers dropped his last name Miller when marring Alexzandria Kyle. The reason being, "Who wouldn't want to keep the last name of the legendary catwoman herself?" He would say this to anyone who asked. Rose . On her way home from a looking aorund Venus city she decided it was time for her to put her skills to the test. Since she had been training herself how to fight since she was a very young, she became more agile, cunning, a better fighter, and almost a complete mastered of her plasma Whip. She decided she wanted adventure and took her plasma whip, and left a note telling her parents she was going to Batman Inc. HQ to train and become a hero. She was walking through the city when she bumped into Caleb who had apperently used his tracker and spotted her using her agiity to get to the supply ships, and he tells her that he will take her to Batman Inc. HQ to train.


  • Sometimes laid back
  • Compusive
  • Witty
  • Carefree
  • Loves Life


  • Advanced Agility
  • Plasma Whip