Uta Koh

Ryan -member of Batman Inc.
-Former Captain of Rox Fu

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Please....go away, for your own safety!
Ryan Karce
Uta Koh
"What...what am I?"- Ryan
Prototype L-45-X
Former Captain of the Rox Fu
Brother of Captain Brass Karce
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons Himself
Status Alive, I guess...
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Height 7 feet
Group Batman inc.
Missions Multiple, but not for the right people...


Ryan and Brass Karce were created to be the ultimate warriors, Brass gifted with magnificent mental abilities, and Ryan gifted with physical abilities beyond belief. They were to be the first of the greatest armyto ever be known, created in the core of the planet sun with the powers of Darkseid himself. They trained hard, and killed all in their path. Finally, they were ready. Ryan and Brass were sent to a part of Jupiter that would soon be known as the Rox Fu Base to train the weakest of Jupinease people, into warriors worthy of defending lord Darkseid himself. Then, it happened.

Darkseid betrayed him, after more than twenty years of him training to be Captain of the Rox Fu, Brass did three points better on their final test, and it was decided that she was to be Captain. Darkseid said Ryan was worthless and tried to dispose of him. That was when Ryan realized what Darkseid was, a monster... just like him. He ran away to Mars until he was found by General Vinem, who calmed him down and got him to come with him to Black Bat. There, a few days ago, it was decided that Ryan would make up for all of the bad he had done by working for the right people, Batman inc.


  • Ryan has advanced strength, stamina, speed, agility, etc.
  • Ryan has advanced sences
  • Ryan's eyes can generate beams similar to Darkseid's Omega Beams


Ryan has peircing black eyes, the samecolor as his shaggy hair, which glow when firing beams from them. He is very muscular, and his skin is tanned.