Spice Mcdonald
I will rule Earth.I'm not interested in ruling anything else- Spice
Ruler of Half the world
General of JWWI
Important Information
Gender Male
Weapons X2 Blaster
Status Alive,28
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Height 6'8"
Group Joker World Wide Industries
Missions Tons

Spice [[|-member of JWWI]]
-Earth Overlord

 – 23:27, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

I will rule Earth!


Was born in New York on 2072. He was abused most of his life and during that he wished he could rule Earth to make it his own and make everyone suffer. Later at 18 he joined JWWI and worked to make his dream reality. He trained hard and did tons of missions. Eventually he became a General and requested to lead the mission against Earth. He was given permission and currently owns Half of it.


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