August 1st, 2011- Darkseid begins to make the Harbor Bomb, the most powerful nuclear bomb in the universe.

June 4th, 2012- Darkseid releases the Harbor Bomb, destroying Gotham City.

May 24th, 2020- Darkseid begins to hunt down all superhero's, and most flee to other planets, leaving Earth open for Darkseid's terror.

July 17th, 2022- The Battle of Silver Blood takes place in Germany between Darkside's alien army and Earth's Military. In the end, Darkseid wins and takes over Earth.

August 13th, 2024- With the reopening of Batman Inc., the Lighseid Rebellion begins formation.

May 30th, 2025- Darkseid asks one of the former followers to open up Joker World Wide Industries to stop Batman Inc. in return for power and money.

December 2028- Charge weapons become the main infantry weapon

March 1st, 2030- Batman Inc. battles JWWI, taking out most of JWWI's men.

December 2nd, 2034- With the failure of JWWI Darkseid orders scientists to bring the Joker back from the past.

April 1st, 2060- Batman Inc. opened New Gotham City as a safe-place from Darkseid.

September 2078- Plasma weapons become main infantry weapon.

January 28th, 2090- Richard and Candy Knapier manage to take down Batman Inc.'s Main Systems.

January 29th 2090- War of Jupiter starts.

Febuary ?? 2090- One of Jupiters moons is captuered bringing an advancment to the War of Jupiter

Febuary 15th 2090- Battle of Russia begans and last for half a day