List of weapons in the current year


  1. M6 Blaster- A Descendant of the M1 Garand and M4 Carbine. Shoots powerful blast that can weaken a shield badly. Can convert into a pistol. Plasma Rounds,100% Battery
  2. M5 Shocker- like the M6 but a bit less advanced. Fires bullets that conduct electricity as they fly. Charge Rounds, 75 Bullets each.
  3. Plasma Blade- A sword or knife with the blade made of Plasma. Used in close range combat. Plasma Battery 100%
  4. RPG-12- Like a RPG-7 but made of Titanium and charges blast instead of shooting rockets. Mega Plasma battery, 120% charge
  5. AK-85- Descendant of AK-47. Uses the same tech as the M5 Shocker. Charge Rounds, 50 Bullets
  6. X2 Blaster- Currently in the testing halls. Only JWWI generals can get one. Plasma Rounds,110% battery
  7. X1 Shocker- Like M5 but with a slight bit more power in the charge. Charge Rounds, 98 Bullets
  8. Z1 Prototype- A weapon made by General Caleb Vinem. It convertes Lightwaves and Soundwaves into High frequency radioactive Blast (not the Plasma Kind). Can blow through most shields and can really cause damage to the Environment and body structure. He only created 3 and hides them in his armory. ??? Rounds, ??? Battery
  9. G536 Pistol- Charge Rounds, 20 Bullets
  10. C432 Pistol- Plasma Rounds, 40% charge
  11. R982 Pistol- Charge and Plasma Rounds, 40% Charge, 2 Bullets
  12. Masterhand Shotgun- Any rounds,100% Plasma Charge, 30 Charge Bullets, 50 Regular Bullets
  13. T568 Shotgun- Plasma Rounds, 50% charge
  14. P894 Sniper- Plasma Rounds, 80% Charge
  15. Y518 Sniper- Charge Rounds, 40 Bullets
  16. $50 Machinegun(Just a name not price)- Plasma Rounds, 120% Charge
  17. HKG Pistol- A weapon made by Austin Swenson. One would shoot it at any electronicil device and would have instant control of it.
  18. Riska Pistol Version 3- A pistol made by Adrian Lars to take down Jester. It fires powerful darts filled with Riska (a chemical created by Lars Labratories that makes Joker Gas turn to fire).


  1. Nuclear Missile- Can blow up a state in one shot. $10,000
  2. Advanced Nuclear Missile- Can blow up mos of a country in one hit. $1,000,000
  3. HAARP Missile- Stops in midair and sends Radiowaves through the Aerosphere and can control the weather. $2,000,000
  4. Holo Missile- Can be regenerated up to 10 times.It is primarily used in Holojets as the main missile. $2,000
  5. Holo Tracking Missiles- Can only be regenerated twice but can track anything until hitting it. $3,500


Most Vehicles come from Hologram codes and Generated through Holograms.To repair them requires the right coding.Style can be generated as well.You can make your vehicle look like anything by using Color codes

  1. HoloJet- Used in Air Force battles. Primary Code:00854H
  2. HoloTank- Used in Ground Battles. Primary Code:98032J
  3. HoloJeep- Used for transportation. Primary Code:45320K